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How to get access to MyReports EMRT Reports.

If you already have an approved Banner Authorization Request (BAR) role to access EMRT reports, then no additional role(s) need to be requested to access EMRT Reports. However, here has been some redefining of EMRT BAR roles, if you need further assistance, please contact

Advanced Users with access to sensitive data require EOD Training. Available at Learning Central.

  • EOD 790 FERPA Training for Student Reports
  • EOD 791 Student MyReports - General User (Run Guided AdHoc)
  • EOD 792 Student MyReports - Power User (Create Reports in InfoAssist)

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The following guided adhoc reports are currently available in MyReports:

EMRT Reports and Files include
MyReports Name MyReports Description Hyperion Equivalent

SFRHO002 - Enrollment Summaries

SGRHO010 - Students and Their Majors

SFRHO001 - Student Enrollment

SGRHO038 - African American Students

SXRHO102 - Registered Students by Major, Minor or College

SXRHO103 - Students by GPA and Major Report

SGRHO001 - Undergraduate Seniors

SGRHO069 - Course Offering Report

SGRHO071 - Instructor List Report

SSRHO002 -  Enrollments in Selected Freshman Level Courses

SSRHO003 - Not Yet Started Course Report

SXRHO105 - Lingustics Enrollment Report

SGRHO029 - Class List

SGRHO088 - Class List with Grade

SGRHO016 - Graduate Students by Grad Date

SHRHO106 - Awarded Honors

SHRHO111 - Prospective Baccalaureate Honors

SXRHO101 - Pending & Awarded Graduation Report
Master File - Course Sensitive File used in the development of reports. N/A - Master File
Master File - Student Sensitive File used in the development of reports. N/A - Master File