Getting Started

The MyReports tool can provide access to student detail and aggregate level data useful for making business decisions at UNM. The reports may include any combination of student, schedule, or course data. Some source data is real time from the ODS and some are frozen as of the census date. The Student Reports are available to everyone with access through the Student Detail MyReports User or Writer roles. To review the names and descriptions of the Student Reports that are maintained by ERMT, click Reports Available. Additionally, there are department specific reports that are only available to members of each department. Acquiring access to a department folder also includes access to the Student Reports.

There are two different types of access to MyReports and each requires training found in Learning Central. A MyReports User has access to run Student Reports guided ad-hoc reports and any departmental reports that reside in the departmental MyReports folder. A MyReports Writer not only has access to run Student Reports and departmental reports but also to write additional, custom reports using the InfoAssist tool.

Training required for a MyReports User:

  • EOD 791 Student MyReports - General User

Training required for a MyReports Writer:

  • EOD 792 Student MyReports - Power User
  • EOD 790 FERPA Training for Student Reports

Once training has been completed, a Banner Authorization Request (BAR) role that contains the phrase “MyReports” will be required. A list of the specific Student Reporting roles available can be viewed under the Roles tab. To request a role pertaining to MyReports, go to and begin the process by clicking Create Request. Keep in mind that if a role assigned to a department is requested, it is not necessary to also request the Student Detail My Reports User or Writer role because the Student Reports will be included with the department role. For more information about how to obtain a BAR role, see the information at FastInfo.

It is possible to upload data into the MyReports repository, making it available for report writing. To upload data, the Student MyReports Data Upload role is required. Training required for uploading the data is either the training for MyReports User or the training for MyReports Writer. Once training is complete and the role has been approved, see the Upload Data Instructions for further information.