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UNM MySpend Portal is now LIVE in MyReports!!
  • Monitor both PCard and PO spend
  • Drill down charts to retrieve details
  • All charts are easily extractable to Excel or PDF
  • Use the Guided Ad Hoc tab to create individualized custom reports
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MyReports, is a business intelligence (BI) platform that delivers rich, consumable, interactive information to the widest range of managers, analysts, faculty, and staff. MyReports offers a do-it-yourself reporting tool. Everyone from end users to power users, who want access to raw data, can easily create their own reports and analyses. MyReports users don't need intensive training and it's easy for developers to create and maintain custom reports. What's more, every bit of content is shareable and reusable.

How do I get access to MyReports?

MyReports is based on BAR security roles. You may need to request a new BAR role for some of the newer reports or to access reports managed by the various areas. Finance users, please refer to the Finance MyReports Roles Page. Student users, please refer to the Student MyReports Roles Page. Other users, please go to Help.UNM for assistance.

How do I log on to MyReports?

Access MyReports through the MyUNM portal within the UNM Business Applications Channel with the other reporting tools. MyReports is browser based, so you will not need to install additional software to access MyReports.

Is training available for MyReports?

While most MyReports users do not require intensive training, some training is required for access to MyReports. Click here for more information on required Finance area training. For more information on required Student area training, refer to the main Student MyReports page.

MyReports provides -

green check mark Guided improvised reporting enable users to generate their own reports without IT assistance.

green check mark Query and analysis tools and improvised reporting allow power users to efficiently retrieve required information.

green check mark Dashboards and custom reports gives planners and managers a high-level view of critical indicators and metrics.

green check mark Dynamic report distribution with real-time alerts fully automates the scheduling and delivery of vital information.

green check mark Integration with desktop products such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF enables users to work with data in their preferred formats.

green check mark Mobile BI allows users of smartphones and tablet PCs to interact with any data, at any time, from any location.

MyReports is supported by several departments — each one provides support for specific topics and issues. Refer to the Support page for contact information.

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