Getting Started with Finance Reporting

Finance transactions include budget entries to actual expenditures, including original/revised budget entries, payroll, PCard, ChromeRiver expense/invoice to Lobomart purchase order/invoice transactions.

Each department uses at least one index code but may also have many to initiate finance transactions.  Index codes have a unique set of attributes representing your fund code, organization code, program code, and activity code.  The combination of these codes is created into a short cut index code, which allows you to view budgets and finance transactions for your FOPA (Fund, Org, Program, Activity) easily, without having to remember each combination of codes.

In order to ensure accurate and proper financial management, you will be reconciling transactions posted against your index codes.  Reconciliation happens monthly, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your index codes weekly or even daily.  MyReports Finance can help you monitor your index codes on a regular basis.  Access to MyReports Finance is granted to anyone with the Banner 'Department General Inquiry' role.  If you don't currently have this role, you can request it through the Banner Authorization Requests (BAR) application.

The types of reports you use, and the frequency with which you use them, varies depending on the type of funding you are reconciling and the time of year.  For example, restricted indices (contracts and grants) will have their own funding periods (project periods) that will not necessarily match the University Fiscal Year (July 1-June 30).  A list of suggested reports to be run by Finance business cycle/type of funds is available under Reports by Business Cycle.  Instructions for how to run the most popular reports are published on the Training Documents page.

Although you will most likely need to login to Finance MyReports to run special reports, the scheduling tool (ReportCaster) allows you to setup a schedule for common reports to be run and emailed to you or other interested staff using your specific report parameters.  Instructions for scheduling reports can be found here.

There may also be situations when you need to perform additional analysis on data from Finance MyReports.  Data extracts can be run from the F Guided Ad Hoc folder in Finance MyReports.  Once you have the extracted data, you can create charts or pivot tables in Excel.  If you find that the published Finance MyReports and the Guided Ad Hoc extracts don't meet your reporting needs, you can create your own queries using the MyReports InfoAssist query writing tool.  Access to InfoAssist requires a report writing role.  For information on the different BAR role names and required training, see our MyReports Roles page.